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In our Writing and Oral class, our Teacher, asked us to create a poem in which each stanza was describing an object.

Here is the poem Me, Delfi N, Luna, Lucia, Catu and Jose wrote.

It spins around like a tornado.

What was once visible becomes a spinning circle.

They open it to protect themselves

from the liquid meteorites falling from above.

Throughout your childhood, Throughout your adulthood

If its ABC or 123. Someone is there to guide you.

Its similar to a house

Every once in a while People get there and pray.

Its a strange figure

with beautiful colors and smells.

It moves fast, gliding down the concrete.

Every where it goes, It sometimes stays alone.

Its arms turn fast

a pleasant breeze creates.

Four times a day

It finds its way

Through our mouths

with a pleasing taste.

Diary Entry

Our Writing & Oral Teacher, Daniela Barra,  Asked us to write a diary entry of how is school going, what worries us, what things we find difficult, etc. Once she corrected The writings she asked some of us to post it in our blogs, this is my diary entry

Today was… good, so far things are going great, i’m still kinda scared about my binders, if they will be tidy or even complete on every subject. I think that I wont have my binder incomplete by the end of the year but I can always be lazy and forget about it. It has happened to me before that a teacher asked me for my binder and I had to lie saying that I had forgotten it at home.

One of my goals this year is to pass all the subjects and also get good grades. One of my strengths is History Essays but my weaknesses are Literature Essays, they are so hard! But perhaps Ill get better while I grow up and learn more tips and also with practice.

I really want good grades, I think that has been my responsibility every year, I was never like those people who got perfect grades or studied hard or even raised their hand to speak, I was very shy but since I got in secondary school, I changed.

So yeah, schools good, i’m fine and i’m for sure gonna be a better student.



This is a journal that we had to do from an activity in the new story we just read with pilar pando

22nd of August, tomorrow is the day, I’m going to stop seeing Mrs Bixby. She’s a beautiful woman, her heart is pure and full of happiness, but I just can’t bear it anymore, I’m cheating on my wife , the one I said I would love forever, an the worst part is that Mrs Bixby had no idea, if she finds out she will be mad at me for a complete month. She was honest enough to tell me she was married at the begging while I’m here trying to find a way to tell we or if I feel like I can’t so it I will just leave and put an excuse after all we’ve been through together. For gods sake, I never thought this would best hard, it’s what her to listen to my brain or to listen to my heart, my brain tells me to stay with her, but my heart tells me to go back to my wife  and to things out, that’s it I’m going back with my wife and ending this affair.

News report

This is a news report we had to do so we could finish the hole news report things


Last night the power plant, which controls all out energy, suffered a system failure which provoked  a massive a massive system failure which caused a terrible power cut. Most people were very annoyed and angry because they can’t see anything, they have to go around with candles.

Apparently the failure was caused due to one of the workers spilling coffe on the power control producing a mayor power cut. All the workers we’re confused and had no idea what was going on. Our research says that one of the workers fell down the stairs while the power cut occurred, he is now in the hospital with some bruises but it isn’t that bad.

As a solution to this problem, the power will be cut off until further notice, everyone is trying to do it as soon as possible so people don’t complain but anyway people have already started complaining saying that they need the power back or they will faint due to the hot weather, it’s not possible to be around with all this hotness, it can affect health.

Piwer will be fixed by tomorrow at least and everyone hopes that the owners of the factory don’t get any other complaints and that this doesn’t happen ever again.

News Report

This is a news report we had to write based on the story we read «they gave her a raise»


Two days ago an explosion hit Florida. It was near midnight and 1 am. Luckily it happened in section 1, there weren’t many workers there but indeed two of them died and one got injured.

It happened at an ammunition factory located in Florida. Two workers lost their lives but there was one who ended up injured. Her name was Sally, her mother had no idea if she was dead or alive. Can you imagine ow her mother felt. Workers are now angry and worried, they don’t want an explosion to occure again in the factory.

As a solution to their protests the owners of the factory said they would take security measures and make sure nothing like that happens again. As regards Sally she decided she still wanted to work there, though her mother didn’t agree with the idea.

Finally the owners of the factory gave her a raise and that’s when her mother agreed for her to keep working at the factory. Shes now working there and we all hope that an explosion wont occure again.