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In our Language class we saw different connectors. In order for us to remember all of them we divided into groups and each group did a poster on  certain types of connectors. Here is the one I did with Epi, Jose, Flor and Lucia on Condition Connectors.

Here Are the other posters the other groups made:

ACTIVITY: Fill in the blank.

1. __________ that The Rolling Stones come to Argentina, I will buy tickets for their show.

2. You may watch TV, _________ you do all your homework.

3. _______ you read the book you will understand the class.

4. _______ you realize you were wrong you will feel better.

5. ______ you had studied you would have passed the test.

6. ______ you were wondering i will go to the party

7. _______ i know you studied, i will give you a second chance.

8. I have done all of the work for the project, _______ you still haven’t done your job, and it is due tomorrow.

9. We were not sure ________ it will rain

10. You may go out tonight ________ you prove yourself loyal

Significant Place Writing

In our language class we were told to get in pairs and write a piece of writing individually  based on a place we share with our partner and that was significant to both of us. I worked with Lucia Roggero and here is my piece of writing.

Dear Diary,

Today I passed by a very significant place for me, Plaza Francia. Every time I walk by that park, It brings a smile to my face. I love the peace that it brought to me in dark times and still brings to me today. One of my favorite things from it, is how big it is, the wide space calms me down in just a matter of seconds. Someone who I share this space with is Lucy, I’ve gone for multiple walks with her around the park and I have nothing but good memories from there. Lucy has always been there for me and she never failed to listen to me when I was at my lowest. What makes Plaza Francia  so special to me is the fact that it is one of the places where I’ve gone to talk about things that I needed to let out, also what makes it even more significant for me is that I’ve shared most of those talks with such a good friend as Lucy. I hope that I still fer that smile every time I walk by, just like I did today.

Language Online Test

Sice we were having a lot of tests and we didnt have enough time to study, our language teacher, pilar, gave us an online test to do involving the gothic novel and the stories weve read, Here is my online test.

  1. Inphographic.

2: Interview:

The Yellow Wall Paper Interview

Charlotte: Hello thank you for having me here

Me: Your welcome, Thank you for coming! Were very glad you agreed to do an interview with us.

C: Oh its no problem at all.

M: I want to know, what inspired you to write such a great story like this,

C: I always liked stories and I always had one lingering in my mind, So one day I just decided to write the story. It was just my imagination, I never though the story would ne such a success.

M: Well, But it was indeed a success, did you ever consider your story as one?

C; Before, I didn’t. But now, with so many interviews, I do.

M: Thats great. Do you like the fame?

C: I do. I like being recognized for doing something that I love such as writing.

M: Thats very sweet of you. Do you have any advice for people out there who want to become writers?

C: Ummm, I recommend to be free, To write whatever comes to your mind and be free, express yourself in your own stories.

M: Anything else?

C: yes, people have to know what comes with being famous, its not easy and not funny to deal with sometimes, but its all worth it.

M: Those were such encouraging words! I personally loved the story. Do you think you can relate yourself to the woman in the story sometimes?

C: Maybe sometimes, but in a metaphorical way. Like as all f us women, we all go crazy sometimes.

M: yes we do!

C: I like that you’ve asked me that question, because its right, us women seem crazy all the time and in some way we can relate to the character.

M: I think its one of my favorite stories so far, Thank you for coming to the interview it was really nice to have you.

C: Thank you for having me, I had a wonderful time.

M: me too!

Describing Places.

In our Language class we started seeing Vocabulary to describe places. As an assignment our language teacher gave us a task to choose a picture of one of our vacations and then describe it. Here is my picture and description of New York.




After a long year of hard work, me and my family decided we should take a little vacation  for new years, so we went to a different variety of places with different weathers. In this case I chose New York.  The reason I chose this place is because I thought it was one of the prettiest places i visited when i went on vacation. New York s really famous for being a very populated city, full of buildings and lights.  I think that New York is very special for the feeling that comes along when you’re there, how people treat you, the experiences you get to live and the cheerful atmosphere.

This part of New York is central park. Central park is a park located in the center of New York. As you can see, there are lots of people there almost all the time, and this is just a very small part of it.  At the back we can see some buildings, since this was taken around 5pm, the skyscrapers were starting to light up the sky. Even though you are very close to the city, your nose fills up with thee scent of nature and you cant hear cars passing by, you hear the beautiful sound of squirrels or people laughing. In this picture, also, you can see a frozen lake, There is no best feeling that sliding your hands across the ice, feeling the cold and the smooth of the surface. The trees at the back and throughout the hole park, make the  lightning weaker but it all compliments with all the other things we felt.

Moreover, I truly recommend you visit New York, I think its a life experience that no one should ever miss and specially don’t forget to visit central park, Anything you need, you will find in New York.

Language Exam Online.

On our Language we were talking about trying to use more our devices, so our teacher came up with the idea of making an online  exam for us.Here is mine.


This is the poem I chose:

The Race Industry – By Benjamin Zephaniah.

The coconuts have got the jobs.
The race industry is a growth industry.
We despairing, they careering.
We want more peace they want more police.
The Uncle Toms are getting paid.
The race industry is a growth industry.
We say sisters and brothers don’t fear.
They will do anything for the Mayor.
The coconuts have got the jobs.
The race industry is a growth industry.
They’re looking for victims and poets to rent.
They represent me without my consent.
The Uncle Toms are getting paid.
The race industry is a growth industry.
In suits they dither in fear of anarchy.
They take our sufferings and earn a salary.
Steal our souls and make their documentaries.
Inform daily on our community.
Without Black suffering they’d have no jobs.
Without our dead they’d have no office.
Without our tears they’d have no drink.
If they stopped sucking we could get justice.
The coconuts are getting paid.
Men, women and Brixton are being betrayed.

I chose this poem because, when we watched a video about Benjamin’s biography, he mentioned that he was still mad at the British crown for not apologizing for slavery. He also talked about how slavery was really present in his ancestors, so when I read this poem I thought the ideas were very clear and it was indeed talking about something very personal.

For me this poem screams slavery. I think that Zephaniah is trying to tell the story of slavery, how were slaves treated, what benefits did white people get for translating slaves from one place to another, what slaves had to go through in order for white people to be pleased and such.

One of the Literary devices I found was a metaphor, which can be seen in this line: «The coconuts have got the jobs».  When Zephaniah refers to the coconuts, he means black people. When we see a coconut, from the outside, it looks black, but when you open a coconut, on the inside its white, and so is every coconut in the world. For me the writer is trying to say that, it does not matter what is on the outside, what matters is on the inside, we are all the same in the inside, we all deserve equal rights and in this case we all need to do things for ourselves rather than have someone do things for you. Another Literary device I found was another metaphor  for » the race industry is a growth industry».  Which I think means that, Slavery, in the past, was getting bigger and nobody was doing anything to protect black people.

Here are some pictures to represents the ideas of the poem:





My Interview

Interviewer: Hello, Its nice to have you here mr zephaniah

Benajamin: Thank you for having me here

I: I heard you’re a very interesting man, you write about certain topics and you have a different lifestyle from others.

B: Well yes, I am rastafarian, I chose to be this way and I love it. My poem topics are based on my past and on my ancestors.

I: Had you known you were going to be a very successful writer, would you have worked as hard as you did?

B: No I dont think so, If you know what things will come to you before they even happen, you wont work as hard as if you never knew what would happen next.

I: Thats very good! Let talk about your poem «The Race Industry», What brought you to write this?

B: Well my ancestors were slaves and im black, so I took the chance to express my opinion about slavery and to make a remark that slavery was completely wrong.

I: What came to you when you  wrote this poem?

B: I was really angry and One day I just wrote my thoughts on a paper. Little did I know that later I would turn it into a poem

I: Thats very Interesting! I heard that you were still mad at the crown, why is that?

B: I have a really good reason, They never apologized sincerely for slavery, I respect them and everything but Im still waiting for an Apology, Not for my peace, If not me for my Family peace

I: Thats a fair statement. I agree with you.

B: Thank you, people tend to Disagree with my opinions.

I: Tell me more about what inspires you to write.

B: Alot of things actually. My surroundings and people do it the most

I: What example can you give me?

B:  I tend to look a lot when im walking, I try to look beyond people, and what I see I put it into words

I: That is a very good technique. What do you do with the money you earn

B: Actually I dont acknowledge how much money I have , I life the  same way I would have lived it if I wasn’t famous.

I: Thats very good! It was a pleasure to meet you Benjamin

B: Pleasure to meet you too, I really enjoyed it.

I: I learnt a lot about you, very fun.

B: Good!