Significant Place Writing

In our language class we were told to get in pairs and write a piece of writing individually  based on a place we share with our partner and that was significant to both of us. I worked with Lucia Roggero and here is my piece of writing.

Dear Diary,

Today I passed by a very significant place for me, Plaza Francia. Every time I walk by that park, It brings a smile to my face. I love the peace that it brought to me in dark times and still brings to me today. One of my favorite things from it, is how big it is, the wide space calms me down in just a matter of seconds. Someone who I share this space with is Lucy, I’ve gone for multiple walks with her around the park and I have nothing but good memories from there. Lucy has always been there for me and she never failed to listen to me when I was at my lowest. What makes Plaza Francia  so special to me is the fact that it is one of the places where I’ve gone to talk about things that I needed to let out, also what makes it even more significant for me is that I’ve shared most of those talks with such a good friend as Lucy. I hope that I still fer that smile every time I walk by, just like I did today.


En la clase de Lengua estuvimos viendo un poema que hablaba mucho sobre as palabras y que efectos tienen. A partir de ese poema, Nuestra profesora nos dio dos preguntas para hacer un ensayo  de alguna de las dos. Este es mi ensayo.FullSizeRender (4)

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