Language Online Test

Sice we were having a lot of tests and we didnt have enough time to study, our language teacher, pilar, gave us an online test to do involving the gothic novel and the stories weve read, Here is my online test.

  1. Inphographic.

2: Interview:

The Yellow Wall Paper Interview

Charlotte: Hello thank you for having me here

Me: Your welcome, Thank you for coming! Were very glad you agreed to do an interview with us.

C: Oh its no problem at all.

M: I want to know, what inspired you to write such a great story like this,

C: I always liked stories and I always had one lingering in my mind, So one day I just decided to write the story. It was just my imagination, I never though the story would ne such a success.

M: Well, But it was indeed a success, did you ever consider your story as one?

C; Before, I didn’t. But now, with so many interviews, I do.

M: Thats great. Do you like the fame?

C: I do. I like being recognized for doing something that I love such as writing.

M: Thats very sweet of you. Do you have any advice for people out there who want to become writers?

C: Ummm, I recommend to be free, To write whatever comes to your mind and be free, express yourself in your own stories.

M: Anything else?

C: yes, people have to know what comes with being famous, its not easy and not funny to deal with sometimes, but its all worth it.

M: Those were such encouraging words! I personally loved the story. Do you think you can relate yourself to the woman in the story sometimes?

C: Maybe sometimes, but in a metaphorical way. Like as all f us women, we all go crazy sometimes.

M: yes we do!

C: I like that you’ve asked me that question, because its right, us women seem crazy all the time and in some way we can relate to the character.

M: I think its one of my favorite stories so far, Thank you for coming to the interview it was really nice to have you.

C: Thank you for having me, I had a wonderful time.

M: me too!