On the Verge of War.

In out History class on BYOD (bring your own device) day, we worked on groups to see what things happened in the verge of war. For us to understand, we listened to a Meograph and watched a video about the verge of war and then we had some tasks to complete. Here is my work:

First we listened to the Meograph.

The Meograph showed what Hitler was doing before the war started, what actions  he took an how were things at that moment.

Then we watched a video.

This video was about what countries fought against who and what parts did they take over and how troops moved from each country.

After that we had to create a fakebook. My fakebook was created with the help of Catalina Rela. Our character was Pierre Laval.




Comparison between the Woodspurge and A Birthday.

In our Literature class we’ve been reading two poems called A Birthday and The Woodspurge. So we were asked to do a comparison of them and then post it in our blogs. Here is mine:

A Birthday and The Woodspurge are two totally different poems.

A Birthday talks about happiness and love, how you can be so happy in life and that nature is so beautiful and nothing can take that away fro you as long as you’re at your best while The Woodspurge talks about something different.

The Woodspurge talks about death and grief and loosing the ones you love and how your world stops when you loose someone. You feel like you are walking with no direction and you’re slowly drifting away.

Briefly, A Birthday is happy and The Woodspurge is depressing.

A Birthday Analisis.

In the Literature class we’ve been reading the poem of «A Birthday»by Christina Rosetti. Our Teacher,Pato, told us to enter her blog and watch a video and answer some questions in class so then we could post them on our blog. These are my answers.

  What is the theme?

For me the theme is love and relationship.

What is the tone?

Happy, Calm, Peaceful.

What is the main difference between the two stanzas?

I think the main difference is thta in one stanza she accepts the feeling of love and uses nature to compare the feeling and in another, she uses material things so feel even more loved.

How are the similies in the poem appropiate for the romantic longings the speaker feels?

How is the metaphor of the birthday appropriate?

I feel like she uses her birthday to say that she finally got what she wanted, it was like her birthday present finally came, she got thelove she wanted.

Make a list of religious symbols. What do they mean in the poem?

One of the Religious things I can see in the poem is: And peacocks with a hundred eyes. Meaning that the feathers that thepeacocks have, that are hundreds, seem like eyes, god is watching us all the time.