An Astrologers Day Opinion Writing.

For our Language class we had to write a Opinion writing based on the story An Astrologers Day, and then post it in our blogs. I did mine alone.

» An Astrologers Day» Is a story set in India, about this man who left his home because of something terrible he had done and moving not that far away from where he used to live. He became an astrologer without any training before and would give lessons everyday. He would wait for someone to come, and when they did, he would let them speak for 10 minutes and then tell them some short advice.  Until one day he was about to close when a man he knew came by. He was testing him, if he could really know everything about others. Truth is that he actually knew him, he had almost killed that man before, meaning why he left his old house.  He gave the man some advice about revenge telling him that his killer had died some months ago, and that he should return to his village. Later on he came home and spilled everything to his wife.

The most important characters are The astrologer and the client. I don’t think The astrologers wife could be considered important since she is only mentioned once.

The astrologer ran away from home when he was young because he almost killed someone, but he thought he did so he left without an explanation. He got married and started a new life as an astrologer.

The client was the person the astrologer thought he had killed before. He wanted revenge but the astrologer convinced him not to.

Then we have the astrologers wife who is a housewife in my opinion.

The story is set in India. Even though its not mentioned in the story, you can find out because of the vocabulary.

For me the themes are: revenge and blindness.

Revenge because the client wanted to get revenge on the man who wanted to kill him, even though it was the astrologer himself. I would connect it with blindness also because he never realized it was him.

Blindness because people were so ambitious to find out something about their lives that they never realized that the only thing the astrologer did for 10 minutes was to listen.

The ironic element i could find was that The client had his killer in front of him and he never realized. how can you be talking to the man who tried to kill you and about revenge and not realizing? that’s ironic for me.