This is a summary me and Mechi Anelo did in pairs for a project.

Anschluss was a political union. Hitler encouraged the Nazis in Austria to stir up trouble for the government, they organized demonstrations calling for union with Germany. Hitler felt that Germany and Austria should be together, so he told Schuschnigg, that only Anschluss would bring peace. As Schuschnigg didn’t agree with Hitler’s plans, he asked for help to Britain and France, but they refused. So Schuschnigg called a plebiscite in which 99% of the Austrian population voted in favor of this union under the eye of the nazis troops. Once the plebiscite was called Britain was giving her support. Hitler  sent troops over to Austria during the plebiscite in case he lost and to push people. Before the plebiscite Hitler said he would solve the economical problems that Austria was dealing with at the moment; but what he really meant was that he was going to unite Germany and Austria for a better Germany, as all the soldiers, weapons, and its rich gold and iron deposits would be given to her.

All this done meant that Germany had broken the third point of the Treaty of Versailles: «German territories and colonies», which says that she was  forbade  to join together with its former ally Austria.

Source 1

This is a video. The message of this video is to see the happiness of the people, celebrating being part of the nazi Germany. It has a British perspective that is narrating what is happening

Source 2

This is a cartoon. it has a British perspective and the message is that shows how Hitler sent innocent people to death. it is also a symbol that swastikas or nazis leaded to death.

Source 3

This is a picture. It shows the removal of the border barrier between Germany and Austria. The people were smiling and happy

Source 4

This is an article explaining the Anschluss.

Source 5

It is a cartoon with a British perspective showing Hitler carrying the Austrian integrity  as a deer that was hunted by him.Mussolini , as an ally tells him that he didn’t heard a shot, as he passes by.

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