«Composed Upon Westminster Bridge» Essay.

Our Literature teacher, gave us two tasks for an essay, we has to choose one out of the two. I chose Option 2.

In the poem «Composed upon Westminster Bridge» the writer, William WordsWorth, admires nature and man-made objects. In this composition i’ll analyze the admiration the author has for those two things.

In the first part of the poem, and in the first stanza the writer, is in London when the sun is about to come out admiring the peace and the silence. he uses hyperbolic language saying: «earth has nothing to show more fair». In that line, he talks about man-made objects. For the writer, he has the most beautiful view ever and he thinks that if someone wouldn’t think the same as him about this view, the would be blind. He is delighted by what he sees and by the feelings it makes him have.

In the second stanza, the writer mentions all the beautiful things the city has at dawn. That’s why he mentions:»the beauty of the city» and the «ships, towers, domes, theatres and temples.» All of this things he mentions are open to the fields and to the sky. The writer mentions them as: «bright» because at that our, nobody was at work, and this was in the industrial revolution, so factories would have smoke coming out of their chimneys when there were workers working. That’s exactly why the writer mentions: » the smokeless air». Factories weren’t open yet.

In the second part of the poem, the writer talks about nature and the city. The city is calm in the morning. Where he is now is peaceful, relaxing when nobody is working, and there is no one out since they are sleeping. In the end he thanks god for nature and everything that is beautiful about it.

All in all, William Wordsworth loves and contemplates nature and man-made objects.

The Escape: Letter from Patsy to mom

In Language class, we had to write a letter from Patsys point of view, here’s the letter me, Luli and Joaco wrote.

Dear Mom,

I’m planning to visit you soon. I hope you are waiting for me. I’ve been saving half of my salary every month because, as you know, my husband would not let me go away. It has been very hard for me because I am leaving my kids alone at home and I’m afraid Alton will hit them or do bad things like that, but I miss you so much and the only thing I am thinking about is how I am going to sneak out without notice. Mrs Ruby, one friend of mine, is helping me planning my escape. She helped me a lot with everything, she offered me a job and helped me to save money. Ruby will help me with the kids, making sure that Alton doesn’t hurt them. If  something happens to them because of me, I don’t know what i’ll do. Mrs. Ruby and I have been planning the way for me to sneak out before Alton wakes up: we will put the clock back. I miss you and love you and hope to see you soon.


Best wishes,


1° atividade do Intercâmbio com o Brasil

Este ano nos vamos a fazer um intercâmbio com os alunos do Brasil. Este é um trabalho para nós conhecermos melhor uns aos outros.

1) Nós somos Luz e Delfi.

2)Nossa religião é Católica.

3) Nós aprendemos Inglês e Português

4) Nossa escola se chama Colegio Las Cumbres

5) Eu tenho 14 anos mas Delfi tem 13 anos.

6) Bonito.

7) Não, eu não conheço Brasil mas delfi sim conhege

8) Eu tenho olhos marrons e cabelo loiro mas Delfi tem cabelo e olhos marrons.

Agora nós fazemos umas perguntas para que vocês responda.

– Onde vocês moram?

Nos moramos no Buenos Aires

– Vocês têm irmâs/irmâos? Quantos?

Nos tenemos irmâos, Eu tenho dois mas Delfi tem um.

– Vocês praticam algum esporte?

Nos praticamos hoquei

– Quais são as bandas que vocês mais gostam?

Nós gostamos de Justin Bieber,  Miley Cyrus, Imagine Dragons e One Republic.

Ensayo Lengua

Nuestra profesora de lengua nos dio una consigna de hacer un ensayo, había que postearlo en nuestros blogs y traerlo impreso, este es mi ensayo.

Ensayo Sobre Mirror Mirror



En este ensayo voy a analizar las características de un cuento maravilloso, y ver como se relacionan con la película “Mirror Mirror”

En primer lugar, en un cuento maravilloso siempre tiene que haber objetos maravillosos, por ejemplo: brujas, espejos mágicos, etc. En estos cuentos todos puede pasar, no hay nada que se considere imposible. En la película podemos ver un ejemplo de lo que mencione, un espejo mágico, la reina tiene un espejo mágico al cual ella le preguntaba cosas y le pedía favores, y el espejo los cumplía.

En segundo lugar, en el comienzo de la mayoría de los cuentos maravillosos, hay un “Había una vez”, a eso se refiere que no hay un tiempo exacto en el que transcurre la historia.

En tercer lugar, en los cuentos maravilloso, la mayoría de las veces hay un personaje, o personajes fantásticos. En la película podemos ver que hay una bestia horrible que rumba por los bosques de noche, la cual, en este caso, es controlada por la reina.

En cuarto lugar, el romance esta siempre presente, siempre están la princesa y el príncipe que se enamoran y después se casan. Suele darse que para que la historia de amor se concrete los personajes deben atravesar una serie de conflictos y desafíos para poder estar juntos. Por ejemplo cuando debe romperse el hechizo que le hizo la reina por medio de la poción al príncipe.

Por ultimo, en la mayoría de los relatos maravillosos, el príncipe suele ser el héroe de la historia, en esta película es diferente. Blancanieves es la heroína, que al enfrentarse a la bestia logra salvar a su enamorado, dándole un final diferente a lo esperado por el público, que la princesa siempre es la que debe ser rescatada.

En conclusión, la película “Espejito Espejito” si es una parodia del cuento maravilloso. En este caso, la película representa la mayoría de las características lo que la convierten en una parodia.


Language Test.

Our Language teacher gave us a test to do our blogs. she gave us 3 tasks and once we finished them we had to post it in our blogs.

Task 1:

Kat Graham was born on September 5, 1989 in Geneva, Switzerland as Katerina Alexandre Graham. Shes 24 years old.


Her father is Liberian. Her mother is Ashkenazi Jewish

She speaks: Speaks French, Portuguese, Hebrew and Spanish.

She is an actress, well known for: The Vampire Diaries, 17 Again and The Parent Trap.

she began her career in the entertainment industry when she was 6, she appeared in various commercials and while she improved and dedicated to acting she had a great success.

The vampire diaries is one of my favorite tv shows, and i really like kat graham and everything she does, that’s why i chose her.

Task 2:

Me: Hi Kat! I’m luz and im 14 years old.

Kat: Hello Luz! I’m so happy to be here with you.

Me: Thank you! Since you’re an actress and you’ve been acting since you were little, whats your advice for others who want to do the same you do?

Kat: Well, first of all you don’t need to be shy at all, you have to believe in yourself and just go for it.

Me: That’s a great advice! Have you ever been rejected?

Kat: Of course, so many times. But that doesn’t mean you have to give up, you have got to keep trying until you succeed.

Me: How do you feel about hate?

Kat: People will always hate on you just because they are jealous, you don’t have to pay attention to haters, they’re not worth it.

Me: Has hate Ever gotten to you?

Kat: Well, to be honest, it has, its impossible to just ignore what people say to you, but you always need to remember that youre worth it.

Me: Has your family supported you in everything that you’ve done so far?

Kat: Yes, my family is very supportive, hey are always there for me telling me that i can do it, that they’re proud of me and that no matter what happens they will be by my side.

Me: wow that’s so nice! Since you’ve  Became famous, do you feel like you’re still the same person as before?

Kat: Honestly, i find myself doing the same things as i did before the fame, im not going to let the fame get me and become someone who is not the real me

Me:  Have your friends supported you?

Kat: Totally, they were always there for me and they are still there for me till today, they’re the best friends ever.

Me: How does it feel to play a character of a witch?

Kat: Honestly, its awesome, the effects and getting to see how everything is done is so cool!

Me: What do you plan on doing after TVD?

Kat: As you might know im also a singer and a dancer, so I might continue to write some music and dance, also a movie would be cool.

Me: Are you friends with the cast of TVD?

Kat: Everyone is so kind  and they get what it is to be an actress and everything that you deal with, i find myself spending a lot of time with them when im not filming.

Me: You’re still young and have  a hole life ahead of you, do you plan on quitting your career in some years or continue acting for a long time?

Kat: For now, i don’t know how to answer that question, i mean i love doing what i do but i don’t know if i will ever stop.

Me: Well that was the last question for today, I enjoyed interviewing you

Kat: I enjoyed it too!i hope i see you again someday

Me: Me too! bye!

Kat: bye.

Task 3: