1920’s Essay.

In class we studied the 1920’s and learn all the things that happened in that decade, this is my essay.

¿How far were the 1920’s a won decade?

The 1920’s  were a a very important decade for the USA, there were a lot of changes such as technological advances or the economic boom. But you cant have a rainbow without some rain, what i mean is that, there weren’t only positive aspects, there were negative ones too.

Firstly, there were positive aspects from the 1920’s, just the economic boom, which caused industrialization. Morals were also a USA positive, women were allowed to smoke in public places, the weren’t with a chaperon that will go with them everywhere they go, they could also vote, they finally had rights. Entertainment was a positive too, the working hours were reduced and the spare time and money was put into entertainment. A lot of people listen to the radio, the radio gave music a better access, that’s was when Jazz came, it became an obsession in young people. Also Baseball became a big money sport that almost everyone enjoyed, and last movies became a multi million dollar business. State of mind was also seen as positive, people wanted to have a perfect job, a nice house, the latest things. Consuming more and more became part of being an american. Low taxation was also positive, poor people could afford more things.

Secondly, not everything was positive, there was over production after the war, Europe stopped buying from the USA, so farmers produced wheat that nobody wanted. Also there was prohibition, the USA prohibited alcohol though there were some states were it wasn’t prohibited, and some people created there own alcohol, which wasn’t reliable since some people died from drinking it. At last there were immigrants, that was when the KKK was created, it consisted of white people intimidating black people.

In the 1920’s USA’s boom wasn’t the only thing that happened, the League was also involved. The League’s aim was to avoid war, in some cases she was able to, but in others at the end the resolution was unfair. Upper Silesia was one of the League’s successes with Aaland Island. Two conflicts weren’t fully solved. The League succeeded at improving things like slavery, working conditions and refugees.The last thing that was positive, were the mandates, every country that was created after War, belonged to the League.

In some cases The League wasn’t able to fix or solve conflicts. There were two conflicts that The League couldn’t solve, Then disarmament failed, Germany had to reduce her whole army and other too, but the didn’t.

In conclusion, taking in account that there are more positive aspects than negatives, we can say that 1920’s were a won decade.

Diary Entry

Our Writing & Oral Teacher, Daniela Barra,  Asked us to write a diary entry of how is school going, what worries us, what things we find difficult, etc. Once she corrected The writings she asked some of us to post it in our blogs, this is my diary entry

Today was… good, so far things are going great, i’m still kinda scared about my binders, if they will be tidy or even complete on every subject. I think that I wont have my binder incomplete by the end of the year but I can always be lazy and forget about it. It has happened to me before that a teacher asked me for my binder and I had to lie saying that I had forgotten it at home.

One of my goals this year is to pass all the subjects and also get good grades. One of my strengths is History Essays but my weaknesses are Literature Essays, they are so hard! But perhaps Ill get better while I grow up and learn more tips and also with practice.

I really want good grades, I think that has been my responsibility every year, I was never like those people who got perfect grades or studied hard or even raised their hand to speak, I was very shy but since I got in secondary school, I changed.

So yeah, schools good, i’m fine and i’m for sure gonna be a better student.