This is a journal that we had to do from an activity in the new story we just read with pilar pando

22nd of August, tomorrow is the day, I’m going to stop seeing Mrs Bixby. She’s a beautiful woman, her heart is pure and full of happiness, but I just can’t bear it anymore, I’m cheating on my wife , the one I said I would love forever, an the worst part is that Mrs Bixby had no idea, if she finds out she will be mad at me for a complete month. She was honest enough to tell me she was married at the begging while I’m here trying to find a way to tell we or if I feel like I can’t so it I will just leave and put an excuse after all we’ve been through together. For gods sake, I never thought this would best hard, it’s what her to listen to my brain or to listen to my heart, my brain tells me to stay with her, but my heart tells me to go back to my wife  and to things out, that’s it I’m going back with my wife and ending this affair.