Review Of Robin Hood Of The Sherwood Forest.

This is a review that pilar pando, our language teacher asked us to do of our lending library that we had to read for our term exam.

Robbin Hood Of The Sherwood Forest is a story set in the past. Robin goes on adventure with his three new friends that he makes after getting in trouble.

The plot focuses on Robin scaping from a sheriff that was looking for him for killing a king´s deer. He makes new friends and goes on adventures, which he then gets in trouble because of that adventures. He steals money and silver or gold things from rich people and gives them to the poor, that had to pay taxes to the king and everyone who was with him, Robin is very brave and a very adventurous man, his friends are the same as him.

In some parts you get confused, or maybe you might not understand some words but at the end you will see you understood all the story. The writing is dull sometimes but it also has tragic moments where you cant stop reading.

It is well worth seeing, Its a very nice story and I liked it when I  it. You will love it.

The Planners #2.

This are the answers of some questions we teacher all did in class with our literature.

1: Yes, i do, because it explains the poem better and it helps you to understand it.

2:Never the less, and, however, but, moreover, though,

3:Yes, maybe the writer shouldnt describe the city so much and focus more on other things.

4:»they have the means» they, the habitants of the city have the means, they have the money, everything. «the pilling will not stop» the planners keep building and building, it never stops. «but my heart would not bleed poetry» the writer will never accept what the planners do, he will never be on their side.

5:Maybe more quotations and literally terms.

6:no, it should say the same of the intro but with other words, it does a little bit, but i think  the writer of the essay adds a new idea.

7:devide into more paragraphs

Visita Al Malba.

El jueves 14/06/13 todos los alumnos de 1er año fuimos al Malba. Habían un montón de cuadros, pero el que mas me llamo la atención fue «Los Viudos» de Fernando Botero.  El cuadro es muy lleno, la familia esta triste por que la mama, o esposa murió, en este caso el papa seria el viudo, por eso esta en el medio.

A Person I Will Never Forget.

This is a copy of a writing that Josefina Catani did. Pilar Pando asked us to do a copy but in the opposite.

I cannot talk only one person, i’m going to talk about two people. I’ll talk about my grandmother and my grandfather. I’ll talk about them because they are not here anymore, i will never forget them, but i didn’t have them for a long time. My grandmother died when i was six or seven years old and my grandfather when i was eight years old. I don’ have many memories. I have good memories and bad ones, but that could be because i’ve always been very shy with my family and making new friends. I remember that she liked to play the Piano, she had one, and she let me play it, it was very boring.

I remember that my grandfather was very talkative; he always talked to much, not just like me, but it was because he didn’t hear so much. I also remember that his left or right eye was a little bit weird, it was smaller, but then my father told me that he was a soldier and that a bullet crossed into his helmet and then into his eye and then they changed his real eye for one eye that it’s made of glass, like the eye of a pirate

They were the most horrible and mean people i’ve ever seen (don’t tell my parents!) I didn’t talk to them so much, because i was very shy, but i could see and listen a lot, that’s why i’ve  choose them to talk about.