A Person I Will Never Forget.

This is a composition we all had to do for pilar pando of a person we will never forget.

I first met rochi 4 years ago the first day of school. She was we and was standing alone. She had just moved from Washington, but she was born here.
She was a small little and cute girl with a simple pony tail. She had dark brown hair and dark eyes, she was looking around at all of the students.

As I didn’t have so many friends I went to her and started talking, I asked her if she wanted to sit next to me and she said yes. She had a great personality, she always made me laugh and spent a good time. She had a very good level of English so I always asked her for help, she was generous and helped me. She was sometimes stubborn but she was a best friend too. Years passed and here we are, still friends, although there were some fights inbetween. That doesn’t matter, I still remember all the memories of the best and I will remember the ones that are about to come.

All in all, rochi is a very good friend and she is a person I will never forget.